Doing nothing on a Friday night [group]

Central Saint Martins, London UK

26 July 2019

"Roman in Venice was a project built around a narrative about my trip to Venice Biennale 2019 and a coincidental visit to a Jewish photographer’s studio in Venice. The photographer, whose name was Roman Tcherpak, invited me for a collab- oration and taught me a method of lithographic printing that he invented. Roman transcribed excerpts from stories he wrote about his long-lost hometown in the Soviet Union over my bare body with black ink. Afterwards, I made a litho- graphic print of the photograph I took of myself covered in ink letters, and presented the original print with an essay I wrote about my encounter with Roman at the final occasion of the artist residency program at Central Saint Martins.


Largely inspired by Roman's attempt to overlay a stranger's and foreigner's flesh with text that symbolizes his personal identity, this project as a whole was about an aesthetic of displacement: the evolution of a delicate dissonance originat- ing from being in a non-native locality and continuous reclamation of one's territory within the locaity. In the 17-pages essay accompanied by my photographs from both London and Venice, I tried to illustrate Roman as a witness and participant of the global trend of migration, both permanent and temporary, based on my interview with him and my personal experience throughout the residency at CSM."

Artist Statement

Hyun's final occasion display.JPG