a Lens-based artist

Born 1995 in Seoul, Hyunjoo Cho received her BA in Art History and East Asian Studies from Columbia University in New York. Since 2015, she has largely focused on observing and capturing how the intangible nature—such as light, shadow, and time—gains materiality through their contact with man-made objects. More recently, she began to perform visual experiments that alter conventional meanings and products of photography. She interprets the practice of photography and often considers her own photographs not as final products, but as raw material for the next step of her practice. Her projects always begin with photographic perception but end with a reconsideration of the frontiers of photography as a medium.

Currently based in Tokyo and Seoul, Hyunjoo Cho is pursuing the Global Art Practice MFA program at Tokyo University of the Arts. Her major past exhibitions include “Perception Practice” (Youkobo Art Space, Tokyo, 2020), a solo exhibition “The Fingerprints of Light” (Cafe FARO, Tokyo, 2019), “Young Creative Korea 2018” (ARA Art Center, Seoul, 2018). In June 2020, she was awarded the “Ikuo Hirayama Award” by Tokyo University of the Arts, a recognition for excellent cultural merit.

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